If there is an additional service that you do not see listed, Contact Us and we can provide you with a quote.

Clean Up Work (our books are a bit behind)                                       Inquire for Pricing


Rescue Work (we haven't kept our books in quite some time)           Inquire for Pricing


Basic Payroll Processing:

1 to 5 employees                            $80

5 to 10 employees                          $120

10+ employees                                Inquire

Preparation of Payroll Tax Forms:

Quarterly IRS Payroll Form 941         $200

Annual IRS Payroll Form 940             $100

Preparation of compensation W-2 Forms     $15 per form

Preparation of Forms 1099                             $30 per form

Standard Hourly Rates without Package:

Accounting and Tax                         $200

Bookkeeping and Payroll                 $80


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